Allegro Facebook Store

Do you sell your items on Allegro? But that’s not enough for you?

Now it is Facebook time, so increase your sales by using our App for Facebook Store!

Allegro is a portal that leads the largest online auction site in the world but Facebook is the biggest social network. Shop on Facebook allows you get in contact not only with your fans. Be available to millions of Facebook’s users.

Upload our Allegro Store API and make your Allegro shop on Facebook!

It’s easy and safe! We can also support your every decision!

Why it is easy? Take a look:

  1. Install our App.
  2. Enter your Facebook page.
  3. Type your User ID from Allegro.
  4. Start selling your products to Facebook’s users!

We will upload your listings, products, photos and prices. If a Facebook user clicks on an item, we make sure that he will be directed to your Allegro shop. There, the transaction can be completed.